Congratulate the Rainbow Fish on his birthday! 

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Happy Birthday Rainbow Fish!!

Blase, age 23

Willowick, Unite State


I wish you the happiest of birthdays! I’m glad that I got to meet you when I was little. Your story was one of the first I ever learned to read on my own. And you still inspire me to this very day. Thank you.

Shalyn, age 19

Emmett, United States

Karina alonso

I grew up reading this book. I am now a pre-school teacher reading this very book to my students. With the happiest and warmest heart, Happy Birthday, my beloved friend Rainbow Fish. I love to live my life selflessly like you.

Karina alonso, age 25

North Hollywood, The United States

Mindy Levine

Dear Rainbow Fish
My kindergarten class at Haynes Charter has benn putting on a play based on your story for the last 10 years. We have added songs in Sign Language, costumes and sets. It is a BIG production in the spring. We would love for you to come and enjoy our sweet production of the Rainbow Fish!!! It is a favorite!
Mindy Levine classroom teacher

Mindy Levine, age 0

Agoura Hills, Calif, USA

Owen pinder

Dear Rainbow Fish,

Owen pinder, age 7

Pleasant Hill, United States


Happy Birthday Rainbow Fish! I’ll always love your story.

Mercedes, age 26

Kissimmee , USA


Happy Birthday,
We are a year 1/2 class in Sydney , Australia. We love reading your stories about the rainbow fish.We like how the rainbow fish shares his scales with his friends.

Jana, age 6

sydney, Australia

Greyson king

Happy birthday rainbow fish. You are mine and my dadas favorite book!! Thank you very much!!

Greyson king, age 3

Douglasville , USA


why are not making more rainbow fish books

Aum, age 8

perth, Australia


The Rainbow Fish
Dear rainbow fish u are colourful as a rainbow you might be the fairest rainbow fish i wish i was you a beautiful sea creature.

amy, age 7

Perth, Australia


I like your ideas on your books it is exelent

Aum, age 8

perth, Australia


Rainbow fish your books are the best i like that it is all about friends being kind and is there a new book coming out soon?

jaxson, age 8

Perth, Australia


Rainbow fish
Rainbow fish you are a an amazing sea creature You are so kind.I want you to know your books are so thrilling.They are so cool. Happy Birthday Rainbow fish

Jess, age 8

Perth, Australia


dear rainbow fish in the book you look sparkily and you are so selfish at the start then you came really jenrous.The wise octopus helped you

james, age 7

Perth, Australia



MON, age 8

perth, Australia


I love the rainbow fish.You are the best authar.

jeff, age 21

Perth, Australia


dear rainbow fish…
happy birthday i an so happy for u i love all
your books and rainbow fish

jojo, age 9

perth, australia


fish it is a good idea

WYD, age 8

perth, Australia


tha rainbow fish
you a the best do you like book/si like you so much you a the fun be happy.

rochna, age 7

Perth, Australia


Dear Rainbow Fish…
Happy Birthday! I enjoyed reading your books and like how you did the right thing in the end !
You are a beautiful fish and I hope all your birthday wishes come true

Jessica, age 8

perth, australia

Bow Bow

i love you so much rainbow fish.

Bow Bow, age 8

Perth, Australia


Happy birthday rainbowfish i love your wonderful colours and enjoyed your book and you are a nice fish.

John, age 9

Perth, Australia


Rainbow fish
Dear Rainbow fish,
I did’t like the bit when Rainbow fish didn’t share the sparkle things. I really loved the bit when Rainbow Fish shared the sparkly scales at the end.

josh, age 8

Perth, Australia


Dear rainbowfish I love your shiming scales.

Rosie, age 8

Perth, Australia


Dear Rainbow fish I like that you have lots
of friend and that you are very kind and when
are you making more books?

violet, age 7

Perth, Australia

Logan h.

Dear Rainbow Fish,
Happy Birthday! Your book is very inspiring to kids around the world. Thank you for teaching kids how to share in a fun way.

Logan h., age 9

Tomah, USA


Happy birthday

Lauren, age 30

Temple, United States

Miranda Arellano

Happy birthday Rainbow Fish! I read this book as a child and now I’m reading it to my baby. Thank you for the wonderful story. I will always be a fan of yours.

Miranda Arellano, age 28

Center, Colorado, USA


Happy birthday rainbow fish!! I love you and your wonderful mom like mine. Both our moms are protective and amazing. Love you rainbow fish.

Sadie, age 5

Earlington, United States


dear rainbow fish I am happy that you made a lot of friends I hope you have a lot of fun with your friends have fun.

claire, age 6

korea, usa

Ericka Parker

Happy Birthday Rainbow fish

Ericka Parker, age 29

Hartford, America


Happy Birthday Rainbow Fish

Leo, age 6

tonawanda, united states of america

Bonne Terre Memorial Library

Congratulations on 30 years!
Happy Birthday
Rainbow Fish!

Bonne Terre Memorial Library, age 30

Bonne Terre, MO, United States


happy birthday rainbow fish
You Are the best also tell the wise octopus Hello

Tyler, age 9

London, England

Tiffany y. Rondón Román

HAPPY BDAY RAINBOW FISH! You continue to be so beautiful. I read your story when I was a teenager and now as a librarian i share your wonderful story with other readers.

Tiffany y. Rondón Román, age 26

Dorado, Puerto Rico


Rainbow Fish!! Happy Birthday – you taught me sometimes tHere’s joy to be had in the giving.

Josh, age 31

Boulder, United States


Happy birthday rainbow fish! thank you for being a part of my childhood and now helping me teach my students. keep shining!

Hannah, age 26

Boulder, USA


Happy birthday, Rainbow Fish!

Sue, age 18

Green Bay, USA

Susan P - Martin Luther College Library

Happy Birthday, Rainbow Fish! You’ve been a joyful staple in libraries and schools for 30 years. Thanks for the memories <3

Susan P - Martin Luther College Library, age 30

New Ulm, United States