For educators

The rainbow fish is read and staged in preschools and schools. Here, educators will find many materials and inspiration for use in the classroom. If you are a school or library holding a rainbow fish event, please contact us at for free goodies.

I started using Rainbow Fish in my first class. Kindergarten, 26 years ago. I still use it in my fifth grade class this year. All of the books are great for lessons on friendship, empathy, and science.

Allison V., primary school teacher

Free activity sheets

Give the Rainbow Fish colorful scales, paint an underwater world with a splash, spot the differences with five Rainbow Fish friends… Here you will find many activity sheets with the most dazzling fish in the whole ocean.


Make a splash in the classroom by appearing as the Rainbow Fish! We have easy DIY costume instructions available– with options to create a no-sew fabric or construction paper costume. Both options can be created in about two planning periods. Find them here.

For special events, consider renting the official Rainbow Fish character costume. More info here.

Bilingual Editions

The story of the Rainbow Fish is also available in bilingual editions. The following languages are currently available in combination with English: Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Korean, and Vietnamese. The books are published by edition bi:libri and available here.

Designed for schools


Perfect for read aloud and particularly suitable for daycare centers, preschools, and primary schools: the well-known story of the most beautiful fish in the ocean in big book format with dimensions of 13.25 x 17.5 inches.


A practical folding box made of fabric that is versatile, high-quality workmanship and durable. The box folds up to save space and offers storage for many favorite books.


It is wonderful for retelling history in preschool and school. High-quality and washable quality.


This educational companion is full of activities and ideas to share with your classroom!

Now children can join Rainbow Fish and explore 20 fun-filled activities—including art, music, dance, reading, and discussion! With tips, ideas, and instructions, this book is ideal for nursery and primary school aged children—deepening their reading experience and engaging their imaginations.

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